Please be advised that there may be longer waiting periods for passports, name declarations and citizenship matters, as the number of enquiries and applications has largely increased since the referendum on 23 June 2016. Thank you for understanding.

Visa, Passport, ID card and Consular Services

Visa Information

Schengen Visum

Whether you are planning a short term visit, attend a business meeting, or take up studies or employment in Germany - here you can find information on the visa application process and required documents.

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German passport

This section contains the most important information about German passports, including the appointment and application process as well as relevant forms for downloading.

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Electronic ID card

ID card

You can apply for an electronic ID card at the German Embassy London from 22 January 2013. We advise you gather the necessary information on the functionalities of the electronic ID card as well as the differences between it and a passport before your application.

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Consular Fees


Click here for an up-to-date list of consular services fees.

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Here you can find the alphabetical collection of the consular services provided by the German missions in the UK.

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German Citizenship

German Passport

The German rules on citizenship were thoroughly revised with the entry into force of the amended Nationality Act (Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz) on 1st of January 2000.

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Inheritance Matters


The German equivalent of a Grant of Probate is a certificate of inheritance or of executorship issued by a German court. In many inheritance cases it is required in order to access estate situated in Germany.

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How can I obtain a certificate proving my German citizenship?

If you need a certification of a signature or full notarisation of a document, please have a look at the information provided on notorial certification according to German law.

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Naming Law and Civil Status Certificates

Naming Law and Civil Status Certificates

Information on name declarations at birth, after marriage or divorce, as well as registering births and marriages.

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Other consular services

Notes on applying for confirmation of German nationality

Here you can find information on a range of other legal and consular matters such as marriage in Germany, birth, name declarations or signature certifications.

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