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Please note that all passport applicants have to make an appointment early in advance. Passport applicants are required to apply in person and bring the application form as well as relevant documents after making an appointment. Where minors are concerned, both the parents or the guardian of the applicant must be present at the appointment.

Appointment Booking

Appointment booking

Appointments can only be booked online via the German Foreign Office. If you wish to apply for a passport and a German ID card at the same time, you do not need 2 appointments, one for both documents is sufficient.

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Passport applications for persons over the age of 18


Passport applicants are required to apply in person after making an appointment. You will need to bring your application form and relevant documents in original and photocopy.

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Passport applications for persons under the age of 18

German Passport

Children’s passports can only be applied for in person (parents and child) upon appointment on behalf of the children. From the age of 12 onwards only full European Passports are being issued which are valid for 6 years.

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Passport applications for temporary passports

German passport

Since the issuing of biometric passports can take up to several weeks, in case of proven emergencies the German Embassy in London can issue a temporary passport (valid for 1 year) in addition to the full passport.

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Lost or Stolen Passports


If you have lost your passport or your passport has been stolen you will need to report this to the authority that issued this passport (e.g. if your passport was issued in Berlin you will have to report the lost/stolen passport to the passport office in Berlin). Please only send the form to the Embassy in London if your lost/stolen passport was issued in London.

Form for reporting lost/ stolen passports [pdf, 48.07k]

Passport photos

Passport Photos

Please read the passport photo requirements carefully before submitting your passport application.

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Change of address in European Union passports

Wohnortänderung im Reisepass

Changes of address can be done in person or via postal application. Please note that we cannot change the address on ID-cards.

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Name declaration (marriage, divorce, change of name, child)

Notes on applying for confirmation of German nationality

If you got married and wish to take your spouse's name or if a marriage was dissolved and you wish to change your name back to your name before marriage, a name declaration will be necessary BEFORE applying for the passport.

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Honorary Consuls

Each Mission covers a specific geographic region. To find out about which German Mission can assist you, thier office hours, and how to reach them, please use our interactive Consulate Finder.

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New German passports

New passport

As of 1 March, Germany is issuing new passports with even more security features. The new passports also have a flexible cover and are slightly smaller. The new security features make counterfeiting and misuse more difficult. Current passports remain valid through their expiration date.

Passport application Form

Download the passport application form here.

Download passport application form [pdf, 113.26k]

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Please note: Please note that all passport applicants have to make an appointment and apply in person. Please click below to arrange an appointment.

Appointment booking

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Please note:

1. The Embassy and the Consulate General operate a baggage search scheme. To avoid delays you are asked to refrain from bringing any baggage, briefcases, laptops etc. with you.

2. Mobile phones and any other electronic equipment must be switched off before entry and remain so during your stay.

3. Photography on the premises is strictly forbidden.

4. Entry is at the discretion of the Embassy or Consulte General security staff. Please look after your personal belongings as the Embassy and the Consulat General cannot accept liability for loss or theft.

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